Sunday, 22 November 2009

Orb Hooch- How to Make Your Own Spirits

Here's a few cool photos of orbs, that funny and completely silly New Age obsession. I mean, really. So, just to prove the point, I spent a few hours last night duplicating the orbs I'd found on some of the more popular orb websites. Needless to say, part of the fun has been not faking the following pictures in any way. I took a gadzillion of photos to achieve these... I might be wrong, but I think they pretty much equal or trump the best that pro-orb sites can offer. Enjoy. 

A genuine, lovely, big, pure white orb with a very obvious auric flare. This is incontrovertible proof of a spirit orb captured on film. And not without a sense of humour either, appearing as it does by the spherical light shades.

Notice the super-charged orb in the centre of this church door. Orbs will often present themselves in profusion near places of death or high emotion. Note the clustering over the door compared to the walls. Extra proof if needed that there is some sort of aware intelligence at work here.

A doozie of an orb picture. Notice the large orb going behind the gravestone, multiple orb on orb action to the right and the firm mass of the blue orbs towards the top of frame, showing that they're real orbs and not dust reflections.

A snap of an orb in flight beneath a 1700 year old yew tree.

A single fast moving orb, with a stationary super-charged orb and a blue orb, all beneath a beautiful ancient yew tree, the tree of the dead.

A collection of blue spirit orbs, multiple configurations, tracking lines, auric flares and three super-charged orbs. All above my pond, a sign that spirits are drawn to water.

One super-charged orb, partly behind a leaf, showing its placement firmly by the trellis and not near the camera lens. 

A face evident in the largest orb, and three cheeky equidistant orbs in the window, reminiscent of a Mandelbrot sequence.  

Meditation can also attract the orb angels. Check them out!

The purest proof of all. A blue orb hovering above Phay's hands, at the exact level of the Buddha's base chakra. Truly amazing. 

Here's a super-charged orb, caught in broad daylight. It's tracking through the branches of an ash tree, the tree of enchantment in Celtic mythology.

And just to finish off, these beautiful orbs. I think these could be the guardians of my home. Perhaps my ancestors, perhaps my angels. And amazingly, seen again in broad daylight.

So there we have it. Convinced? You should be.


  1. ooooo. oooooo! OOOOOO!

    Spirits abound

  2. Let people talk what they wanna talk. They are making a mockery of the truth,
    because that is how much they care about it, not at all. These "orbs" are spiritual beings, souls. That is what each and everyone of us looks like when not dressed in matter, when not incarnated. They see and still don't believe, what should one add to that? Tremendous Ignorance and disbelieve. That's all.