Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Cloudbusting for Fun and Profit

So, I'm back, still picking bits of Orgone from between my teeth as I begin to explore the very pipes and crystals of Cloudbusters/Chembusters. 

OK. A 1950s Weathermonger and Prophet by the name of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, invented the first weather controlling Cloudbuster by sticking long metal tubes in some water. The tubes were then able to suck out the living energy, or orgone, from clouds, that Reich knew held the fluffy things together. This allowed the water vapour to disperse, creating lovely, clear, orgone blue skies. These magic tubes were to be used only by trained believers. As an added feature, the Cloudbuster could suck in evil, electro-magnetically damaged orgone and convert it back into good orgone. This revolutionary idea was to change the world of his followers for ever. He also made Orgone Accumulators and Einstein had a go with one for a few hours.

Along with Reich was Trevor Constable, who dedicated many years to pointing Cloudbusters at stuff, taking part in loads of extra-curricular weather wrangling while also exposing the existence of the Sylph, a huge, living, invisible energy UFO. Reich and Constable then, belonged to the original orthodoxy, holding true to their faith. So far so unusual. But wait.  

Now, we jump forward thirty years. To the amazing Don Croft. He's Billy Graham to Reich's St. Paul, the quintessential New Age evangelising everyman. Part pariah, part messiah and freedom fighter, he is a seer of THE TRUTH, a lightening rod of a man, currently on the run from the Men in Black as They know that he knows THE TRUTH. Fortunately his wife is psychic so she can sense when they're about to come and confront him and stop him from 'gifting' his Holy Handgrenades around mobile phone masts. Unfortunately he's also a bit of a loony. 

He took Reich's eccentric work and ran with it, keeping bits he liked while stirring in jars of paranoia and New Age daftness into the mix until the original orgone ideas and Reich's name remain like flavour enhancers, to plump out and pull together what is essentially water soup. Cloudbusters remain, but they have also become Chembusters, cloud-ready but aimed at imagined chem trails that always used to be airplane contrails until fifteen years ago. Croft turned them into Chemtrails, that were spread by the military to poison and control the population so that the dark alien forces could rule. Those aliens. Gluttons for punishment. And he not only re-invented those Chem/Cloudbusters either. We now we have a whole array of his orgonomically and psychically inspired resin, swarf and crystal based objects, all competing for orgone's affections. And a world of crazy that's ripe and so ready to lap up the alien conspiracy, control, and black ops psi bull that comes with them, happily ignoring any sense. Croft's like a practically minded, richer version of our very own David Icke. 

It makes Reich sucking out magical life force from distant clouds with a copper pipe and a bit of water seem like the most normal thing in the world, doesn't it.

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