Tuesday, 17 November 2009

On the Orgone Trail

So, there I was, out in the field a couple of years ago and looking idly at a new age Cloudbuster just sat there, doing its thing, which lets face it, isn't an awful lot of anything. As I was told though, it removed clouds, or caused rain, or destroyed chemtrails. Something anyway. Anyone like me, disbelieving in the efficacy of the Reichian inspired machine wouldn't be able to get near it, let alone lift up the bucket and copper pipe sculpture and run around for five minutes hugging it to his chest without experiencing adverse effects such as extreme nausea. They're dangerous things, all that built up DOR energy and little old me an avowed skeptic. I wasn't going to let that bother me though. 
Stroke, rub, hug, run, run, run... drop it , taking down the horse with a magical burst of etheric energy by accident... run, run, run... getting bored...  

I truly felt nothing apart from a little stupid in case anyone saw me. 

Being skeptical is 'too easy', 'taking cheap shots', and 'why don't I try to be positive instead of knocking things down', 'look at the science before you dismiss it'... yes yes. So I researched Cloudbusters, only looking at pro sites. 
But really, after trawling through easily twenty different sites dedicated to the double blind worship of Wilhelm Reich and His spiritual son, Don Croft, it's hard to come away with anything but a headache. There's an overall feeling of a righteous new age version of Scientology when the websites talk about Orgone, Holy Hand grenades, The Men In Black, aliens, chemtrails, conspiracy and the Reichian believers' mainline access to THE TRUTH... There's such a wealth of confusion and wonderfully bizarre thinking here that I think I'll let cloudbusting take a back seat and enlarge on this fascinating area next time. This time, I'll let conspiracy briefly ease its overweight bulk into the driving seat and go for a ride.

Everything comes back to cover-up and conspiracy in the end. And there-in lies the longevity of some of Reich's crazier ideas. We all can feel a little distrustful of governments that can't help but act like all powerful groups with money, resorting to sneaky, underhand and illegal ways if and when it suits. So why not distrust them a little bit more? Of course those fake smiles and false words must surely hide the Machiavellian schemings of the New World Order and their hidden Puppet Masters, so scared of those freedom fighters who can see beyond the Matrix, armed with their HHgs (without an apostrophe, people) and Chemtrail killers. And so all Orgone research gets discredited and the world stays diseased and under control. It can't be proved that this doesn't happen, however crazy it might be, so therefore it's true, right? And things that would normally have faded into silliness, live in that grey area, re-inventing themselves, twitching with un-ending, fitful life.

OK. Accept for a moment, for example, that 'they' suppressed orgone research all those years ago because of its ability to end drought, provide free energy and cure ninety percent of diseases. Suppressed or not, there still should be some proof of these amazing claims somewhere, beyond the usual I knew a man who knew a man who was cured of... Finding some free etheric energy on tap, powering an electric light, just once. Or recording peculiar weather patterns focusing on the epicentre of each Cloudbuster with its 45 mile range of effectiveness. That nothing conclusive has ever been discovered or shown by both skeptical and believing researchers holding countless experiments must make anyone question the veracity of such a statement. But it doesn't.

Every skeptic, every law designed to prevent fraud and false claims, everything and anything holding a position counter to THE TRUTH must be suppressive. Big Pharma suppressed it, the CIA suppressed it, the Illuminati suppressed it. There always seems to be a bogeyman that wants to stop THE TRUTH from ever being heard by the masses. This 'us and them' attitude has been played out time and time again of course, every time a new, unsubstantiated pseudo-scientific miracle cure is trumpeted from the rooftops before being shot down by scientific marksmen. Reich's theories are no different, alas. 

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