Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Rainbow therapy- the pot of gold

Just for fun, I'm seeing if I can invent a New Age therapy. So I came up with one two minutes ago called Rainbow Therapy, with the half-baked idea that through raindrops and multi-coloured light, it can work miracles, benefiting people with, let's say, cancer, toxic systems and emotional/spiritual disfunction. Always good to have a well rounded, cover your bases, tick all the boxes approach with this sort of thing. This is truly off the top of my head and unrehearsed.

Now my little thought experiment gets real. I'm going to check and see if it's on the web... and... six million related sites. and it's a bit damn close to reality. Or whatever craziness masquerades as it anyway. 

First off, Rainbow Therapy, which is, variously, 

'(1)  A combination massage and Tibetan energy techniques using 9 highly antimicrobial oils developed by "Tesla" of Lead, South Dakota, designed to bring the body into a higher frequency, electrical alignment and balance.

(2)  Massage therapy using stones, a colourchromatherapy wand, sound, flower essences, organic essential plant oils, creative visualization, breath work and intuitive healing, developed by Laurel Gerber of Mt. Shasta, California.

(3)  Any of several therapies using colour, chakras and/or a mixture of oils. 

Ok. That's explained alot.

Or maybe a pimped out version like Crystal Rainbow Therapy- healing with colour, silk scarves and crystals. For anyone looking to 'release negativity and past ties, build confidence, heal a painful condition, or even lose weight.'
Ah hum. I'm going to have try a bit harder. Er...
How about Rodent Therapy... mind you, that would probably come under Animal Therapy (thirty nine million references including over five million for rat therapy by itself.)

Snail Therapy. Nope. It exists. The slime is supposed to get rid of acne scars on hippies' faces. It's been 'proven', too. Silly me. Even after every mad thing I've read, I was actually thinking there would at least still be a limit.  

There must be something. I need to go crazier, if that's possible. Like, really out there crazy eek like a mouse crazy.
Beetle-wing Therapy. Nope. Kids in beetle costumes to help improve motor coordination and sensory dysfunction.
Mobile Phone Therapy. Yup. Cigarette Therapy. Oh yes. 

Sadly, I'm stumped. It's pretty much impossible to come up with anything that hasn't been taken seriously and believed by someone. And in all cases, used to made money from too. Ah. 

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